What is the fastest and easiest way to increase your income?   First, know how you have been set up to be who you are

Second, who or what has programmed you to be limited to the amount of money you have and whether you can keep it or lose it

Third, how to actually make more money

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Do you realise that something has happened to you, in your past, that dictates whether you will be able to make a surplus of money or not.


Let’s see how this works. Every action you take to create the life you want, obviously comes from a choice you make.


Whether you are aware of it or not, you chose to be rich or poor. You choose to be in a good relationship or not. You choose the kind of job you do, the home you live in, your leisure activities and everything else in your life. The experiences you have decided to live out, are a result of the choices that you made.


So, the next question obviously is, where do your choices, which create your life experiences, come from? Well they obviously come from within you. They don’t fly into your head from somewhere outside.


Some of these choices are spontaneous and conscious, but others – and this is where it starts to become very interesting – come from your subconscious mind.


Your choices ARISE into your consciousness, fully formed. They then become the motivating forces that produce each of the life events you create.


Forget the idea from now on that ‘life happens to you’, and if you’re lucky it will be good and if you’re unlucky it will be bad.


Life doesn’t happen to you. You happen to life through the choices you make, many of which come from your subconscious mind.


So what is your subconscious? It is vital to know what it is because it is running most of your life. Particularly money.


Your subconscious is basically a gigantic memory,  which has stored in it all your past experiences.


Based on what you have downloaded or stored into it, it sends into your conscious mind the choices that dictate whether you will be wealthy or not.


Your mind has built up a subconscious program to do with money, based on your upbringing. These mind programs are called, in psychology, subpersonalities, (if you would like the proper term).


And the most important thing is this: You are not aware of them even being there.


You see, ‘Sub’ means under and ‘Conscious’ means awareness, so the programs in your subconscious are ‘under your awareness’. But they still send instructions into your conscious mind as choices, which then become your life experiences.


For instance, if your parents disapproved of people who were rich, you would have automatically taken that on board and stored it into your mind. You would have filed that instruction with your money program, which lives in your subconscious.


Then, that money program could say to you something like this: If I make money my parents won’t approve of me, or love me because they don’t approve of people who are rich. So, because I want and need their love and respect, I will ensure that I make choices and decisions that keep me having difficulties with money.


From then on, every time you make a choice, or take an action that might increase your income, you will be influenced by your subconscious instruction: “I mustn’t make extra money or I’ll upset my parents”. And it sabotages you, without you even being conscious of it and so you blow every income increasing opportunity and ensure you stay in a struggle with money.


Or, your mind may have been filled up with clichés such as ‘If I am rich I will have no real friends because people will only want me for my money, not who I am’. Or ‘Money is the root of all evil’, - and you don’t want to be evil obviously - or ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ – and everyone wants to be happy, so if money can’t do it, you’ll stay away from it.


There are thousands of these statements and internal instructions that can stick together, in your mind, and drive your financial life. Because they send choices into your consciousness that match their agendas and so cause you to take actions that keep you in financial difficulty.

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